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Wave pf addiction linked to fentanyl worsens as drugs, distribution, evolve[edit]

Many people sell drugs  to get money but do they understand what they are doing? According to the police a few days ago a person named Michelle MacLeod died from an overdose of a drug. The person who sold the drug to Michelle was Kevin Manchester. The police informed Kevin Michelle died from the overdose of the drug Kevin sold to him and died. Now Kevin at the age of 27 is at prison for selling the lethal drug and selling other drugs. So in the end Michelle is dead and Kevin is at prison, but be careful of what you sell or give to a person because the result of a person taking a lethal drug can be fatal.

THE WASHINGTON POST National wave of addiction linked to fentanyl worsens as drugs, distribution, evolve

Trump crosses another line[edit]

This article states how President Trump once again crosses another line in which excited others. President Trump had breached tradition to meet two candidates for U.S. attorney both of whom will investigate President Trump in the future. This hasn't been Trump's first time speaking directly to a U.S. attorney candidate. Trump met Jessie Liu in which is confirmed as U.S. attorney for the district of Colombia.

Trump has made a decision that could affect him in the future but I just wonder what will the two candidates expose or may? THE WASHINGTON POST Trump crosses another line

Rep. Frederica Wilson skips votes in Washington as she faces 'racist and rude' threats[edit]

 This article explains what Rep. Frederica is handling, racist and rude threats. In the following it states Rep. Frederica S. Wilson skipping votes in Washington this week and a wave of threats come at her since she sparred with President Trump over the treatment of the widow of a soldier killed in Niger. This 74 year old lawmaker has got over a dozen threats this year. Now security officials review and follow up on thousands of threatening messages. The following have curses and bad language in them You're not going to impeach anybody, you f-- n--. In conclusion to this summary I want to state that Rep. Frederica Wilson was just trying to have a bit of a competition with President Trump and nothing else she is a hard working woman and shouldn't get threats.

THE WASHINGTON POST Rep. Frederica Wilson skips votes in Washington as she faces 'racist and rude' threats

New York truck attack suspect charged with terrorism offense, FBI says he plotted to carry out attack for ISIS[edit]

 In Manhattan an attack was launched and killed 8 people. This was believed to have been planned weeks before carrying out the attack in the name of the Islamic state. The identified suspected attacker, Sayfullo Saipov had arrived in the country in 2010 through a diversity visa program. People believe Saipov was influenced by ISIS. But authorities are looking for a man named and identified as 32 year old Muhammad Kadirov, a connection to the attack but no role was played. According to charging documents, Saipov was inspired to carry out the attack after watching ISIS videos on his phone. This is what we know for know about the ISIS related attack information now we may gain more information in the future.

THE WASHINGTON POST New York truck attack suspect charged with terrorism offense, FBI says he plotted to carry out attack for ISIS

==Larry David's Holocaust joke on SNL: bad taste, or just bad comedy==
 Larry David had made inappropriate, insulting, racist, and sexual jokes last night on Saturday Night Live. Larry David made jokes about the homeless, the blind, the ugly and Jewish sex predators. An example of thee jokes were Larry David  if I'd grown up in Poland when Hitler came to power and was sent to a concentration camp, would I still be checking out women in the camp. This quote he stated was offending to Jews due to the Hitler part of the joke and seems awfully sexual. Another example is that David said this quote In a 1994 episode of that hit comedy, Jerry Seinfeld and his girlfriend make out in a theater to Schindlers List, which isalso parodied later on in the show. This quote making out with his girlfriend is extremely sexual and is surprising to many other comedians out there. This comedy episode is surprising it even went on television due to the inappropriate messages.

THE WASHINGTON POST Larry David's Holocaust joke on SNL: bad taste, or just bad comedy

This Man Just Swam in Antarctic Waters in Next to Nothing[edit]

 Lewis Pugh has done a fatal act and he managed to survive swimming in the Antarctic waters. This wasn't Pugh's first act but this stunt he did could have killed him. Swimming in these temperatures could have caused hypothermia to him due to the fact the Antarctic waters are below -4 degrees Fahrenheit. Pugh even passed two elephant seals but also took him 19 minutes to swim one kilometer. If the water had not been salty Pugh wouldn't even have the ability to swim in those waters. Even though Pugh wants to accomplish acts like these he also wants to call attention to issues facing the world's oceans.


== Sheep Can Recognize Human Faces

 We people thought sheep were dumb clueless animals until we were shown the truth about sheep. A research team were  about sheep and can they remember our faces. A sheep was involved and the experiment let the sheep recognize the photo and it was to do a quiz in which face was the right face the sheep saw. This experiment was done multiple times to get the results. But somehow the sheep got the right answers. Now we know we shouldn't judge something or a sheep by its cover or appearance.

NATEONAL GEOGRAPHIC Sheep Can Recognize Human Faces

Frozen Remains of Extinct Lion Found in Russia[edit]

 A lion cub had been found in Russia. The cub could have died by his/her cave's breakdown. The gender could be official in a few days or so but for now we have no information for its gender nor age of the frozen lion cub. Scientists can clone animals but could they clone extinct animals? There is going to be a lot more theories of what are they going to do with the frozen remain but could be answered in a couple of years. Furthermore this article could be updated later on and more answers could be found about the species of the extinct lion.

NATEONAL GEOGRAPHIC Frozen Remains of Extinct Lion Found in Russia .

The Most Famous Wolf Now is Dead[edit]

During 2012 the most famous wolf, o6 was shot by a trophy hunter outside Yellowstone National Park. o6 was full of moxie and was a female alpha.o6 was 100 pounds, was attractive in coloration and was powerful. She usually wandered finding territory in which is very dangerous for wolves. Nor was o6 as dumb and wasn't as weak as the other wolves. She hunted by herself with no help whatsoever and had a hunting instinct. But lets all remember what she was and what she did and remember what a legend she was. NATEONAL GEOGRAPHIC The Most Famous Wolf Now is Dead

Earthquake in Iraq and New Mexico[edit]

This is heartbreaking event to many people for those who lost something or someone. This devastating earthquake had a magnitude of 7.3 and could be the worst earthquake to hit in 2017. This earthquake affected more than 1,200 people. According to the earthquake in 1954 this event would be a fourth of the event in 1954. This event was not expected by most people and was extremely dramatic to most people. This day should be remembered by people of how many lives were lost this day.

NATEONAL GEOGRAPHIC Earthquake in Iraq and New Mexico

South Dakota loses 200,000 gallons of oil[edit]

South Dakota has lost over 200,000 gallons due to its pipeline. This is an enormous problem due to the fact oil is valuable, expensive and is used for many things. The pipeline's protesters are arguing about the pipeline's construction because drinking water is at risk. The may have been spilled near crops, gardens and maybe a lake. This problem cannot be covered that easily and will take a lot of time and effort to fix this long pipe however construction may progress later to fix the pipe.

NATEONAL GEOGRAPHIC South Dakota loses 200,000 gallons of oil

Are these the oldest images of dogs?[edit]

 Dogs are a man's best friend but do we know as much as them? Dogs have been living and existing for a long time but we don't know how long they existed. Researchers have discovered a stone in which shows a figure that stands out as a typical dog.  However the picture on the stone has no sign of when it was made. This seems to be the oldest dog picture in the world{ Their are only predictions and hypothesis's about how old it truly is}and is very important to the history of dogs.

Weird facts about your dreams P1[edit]

 Scientists have discovered many things about our strange but yet interesting dreams. Dreams are different from real life by creating a different body in your dream, giving the ability to do anything, and reviews your memories. One thing you didn't know about your dreams is that you can imagine something I your dream by just looking at a picture before you sleep. However dreams could turn into nightmares if you were depressed, scared, nervous, regretful, and any negative emotions. This is very strange to know this about the cause and effect of dreams however, yet fascinating to me and more people.

Why India's snake charming jobs are disappearing[edit]

 India has done many things but one of the most affordable items were handmade. Handmade businesses in India is decreasing rapidly. This is due to manufactured items made in factories or technology. A common item in India is MUM water, however this item is one of the most manufactured items in India and people are losing businesses due to people buying MUM water from other businesses. People are also using plastic bottles more than handmade bottles or cups. People are losing their businesses very quickly and are losing money. So the majority of India won't have any jobs or not a lot of money for them to survive.

NATEONAL GEOGRAPHIC Why India's snake charming jobs are disappearing

Swarms of millipedes[edit]

 Millipedes are nasty critters similar to a centipede. But millipedes come in swarms during mating season. One millipede can't protect itself while a swarm of a hundred can help each other survive. If a predator attacks the swarm disbands and runs away. After the predator is neutralized the millipedes make up the swarm once more. The millipedes don't usually attack but just wander around for food the rest of their lives, however I wouldn't recommend approaching a millipede they are ready to bite and kill any predator. 

NTEONAL GEOGRAPIC Watch Swarms of Millipedes


The lost city of Atlantis[edit]

 From all the myths you heard about Atlantis you must be fascinated to know all about it. Atlantis was once an ordinary island in the ocean before it was covered by the ocean. Atlantis related to Greek philosophy and Greek gods such as Zeus, Hades, Hera, Nemisis , Athena, and many more. But the one god that we are focused on is Posiedon the ruler of water. The citizens of Atlantis were violent and merciless so the gods were angered so Posiedon and the gods caused earthquakes and tsunamis to sink Atlantis to the sea. The lost city of Atlantis has never been found but there are multiple Greek statues underwater which may lead to the lost city of Atlantis.

Star Wars The Last Jedi[edit]

 Star Wars The Force Awakens was a hit movie in 2015 but now the gang is back. Lucasfilm is releasing a new movie called Star Wars he Last Jedi. This movie contains multiple actors you may have remembered or not. This movie will come out in December 15 and maybe be successful. This could be as good as the Force Awakens or even better. Lucasfilm also worked extremely long just to make this film so this movie could be a success. But, we have to wait and see the results so we don't know if this is going to be the best movie of the month or just a normal non exciting movie.


Incredibles 2[edit]

The hit movie aired on 2005 is making a comeback. Your favorite characters in the movie The Incredibles will come back in the new movies The Incredibles 2. This movie will be aired on summer of 2018. People have been waiting for a  sequel for 13 years and in a few months they are getting it.  This movie will exhilarate all Disney fans and will leave them satisfied.

IPhone or Samsung[edit]

   People have been thinking of which company is better, Samsung or IPhone. Obviously Apple has more customers however, Samsung is almost just as good. In customers Apple has way more customers ad supporters. But Samsung is more advanced due to the fact they have a screen that bends! This short summary and will continue later on but for now I want to state that both companies have their advantages and talents.

The Maze Runner[edit]

 The bestselling novel series, The Maze Runner is creating more movies. The first movie of The Maze Runner was a good or successful movie. This encouraged the author to allow  a studio to make more movies relating to the story. People didn't like the movie as much as the book but soon more movies came in to make the series more famous. Now the studio is working on a new movie called The Death Cure.


  Atlantis a beautiful island which worships the Greek gods well maybe not. Atlantis is thought to be an island underwater with statues of Greek gods. But there's one thing people looked for it for decades and still didn't find the hidden city. Well there's something you should know about Atlantis its FAKE. The person who created the story pretty much made it all up so, if you want to search for this fake island your going to try to look for it for a long time.