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 Dominos has been a fan favorite for more than 40 years. This large chain used to be a local pizza restraunt when it opened 50 years ago. But due to more customers and more recipes this local restraunt has grown to be one of the best pizza chain restraints in the country. With their chicken wings, cheese pizza, and many other items Dominos has grown to become the best of the best and is planning on more good food in the future.

Identical Twin Sisters Have Babies on Same Day at Same Arizona Hospital

  This is one of the most rarest cases of all time and barely happens. For a person to have twins are common but for identical sisters to have a baby the same time and day is just unbelievable. There have been cases of twins giving birth to twins and twins to have identical boyfriends but the chances of this event happening is extremely rare and unbelievable.  Even though very 3 or 6 seconds somebody is born but this is a rare coincidence and shouldn't be taken lightly.


heart attack grill[edit]

 This restraunt is full of food but even more meat. The amount of saturated fat is immense when going to heart attack grill. But one thing that advertises it all is the amount of weight needed for free food. If you are over 300 pounds or more you can be qualified to eat for free. Even the waiters are dressed as nurses but this place isn't too good for your health. The restraunt has been a hit since 2009 and is expected to be still a great place to eat.

The history of pizza[edit]

   Pizza is Italy's most known food. Ever since pizza was founded in the 1889 this dish became a century food is loved by many people all around the world. The person who invented the pizza, baker Raffaele Esposito , never expected this this food to be loved worldwide. The way he first made this dish was by adding cheese on dough to give it a more savory taste. But after experimenting a little bit Raffaele Esposito found a way to make the dish moist and flavorful by using marinara sauce. Later on the king and queen of Italy chose to dine in the restaurant, which made the food popular to this day. So relax by watching television and eating your slice of pizza whether its microwaved, store bought, or just homemade. Anybody can enjoy a crispy, and crunchy slice of pizza.

National Cake Day[edit]

 Cake is one of the most loved pastries in the world and are used in many occasions. But you will be surprised to know that there is a national holiday dedicated to this sweet, creamy delicacy. It is known as National Cake Day and it only occurs in November 26. There is not a lot of history to this holiday but not many know of this holiday, which is surprising since the dessert is famous but not its own holiday. However if your interested in this holiday you should celebrate by buying a cake yourself.

Gordon Ramsay[edit]

 The famous chef in Hells Kitchen, Hotel Hell, Kitchen Nightmares, Master Chef, and Master chef junior. Everyone loves Gordon Ramsay, for his cooking and his cuss bombs on other terrible chefs. Gordon Ramsay has a family including his wife, and his three off springs. Even though Gordon is very rich he has his strict rules ; such as his children not getting any money from him, them not eating from his restaurants and any other specific rule. Even though this cuss bombing chef insults many he still has heart and cares about the business no matter the cost.

The history of potato chips[edit]

Everyone in the U.S. knows what's a potato chip. Even infants know what a potato chip is and how it looks like, but many don't know the history of how potato chips were made. In 1853 George Crum, a restaurant owner, was serving an ungrateful person complained the French fries were too thick numerous times. Every time Crum made a thinner fry the person wanted it to be thinner and thinner. Crum was very annoyed with this costumer, so he decided to annoy him by making it soo thin that he couldn't use a fork to pick it up. The costumer actually liked the delicacy and so did many others. This resulted in a seller named Laura Scudder to sell his chips which were then later known as Saratoga chips. This chip can still be bought today in Saratoga or online. Even though you have to wait a few days to get these chips it's still worth the wait.

Bug Bites[edit]

   Bug bites are common throughout the summer. Especially in camping, fishing, hiking, playing, or sleeping. This is not too bad if people think about the situation in hand. Bug bites aren't as bad as they were a few years ago, when mosquitoes carried many harmful diseases to spread. Since human life has withstand numerous diseases caused by bugs we are now able to cure almost any bite that leads to infection. Anyways you have to be careful because these small bites can lead to many allergic infections.

Trump crosses another line[edit]

This article states how President Trump once again crosses another line in which excited others. President Trump had breached tradition to meet two candidates for U.S. attorney both of whom will investigate President Trump in the future. This hasn't been Trump's first time speaking directly to a U.S. attorney candidate. Trump met Jessie Liu in which is confirmed as U.S. attorney for the district of Colombia.

Trump has made a decision that could affect him in the future but I just wonder what will the two candidates expose or may? THE WASHINGTON POST Trump crosses another line

Rep. Frederica Wilson skips votes in Washington as she faces 'racist and rude' threats[edit]

 This article explains what Rep. Frederica is handling, racist and rude threats. In the following it states Rep. Frederica S. Wilson skipping votes in Washington this week and a wave of threats come at her since she sparred with President Trump over the treatment of the widow of a soldier killed in Niger. This 74 year old lawmaker has got over a dozen threats this year. Now security officials review and follow up on thousands of threatening messages. The following have curses and bad language in them You're not going to impeach anybody, you f-- n--. In conclusion to this summary I want to state that Rep. Frederica Wilson was just trying to have a bit of a competition with President Trump and nothing else she is a hard working woman and shouldn't get threats.

THE WASHINGTON POST Rep. Frederica Wilson skips votes in Washington as she faces 'racist and rude' threats

New York truck attack suspect charged with terrorism offense, FBI says he plotted to carry out attack for ISIS[edit]

 In Manhattan an attack was launched and killed 8 people. This was believed to have been planned weeks before carrying out the attack in the name of the Islamic state. The identified suspected attacker, Sayfullo Saipov had arrived in the country in 2010 through a diversity visa program. People believe Saipov was influenced by ISIS. But authorities are looking for a man named and identified as 32 year old Muhammad Kadirov, a connection to the attack but no role was played. According to charging documents, Saipov was inspired to carry out the attack after watching ISIS videos on his phone. This is what we know for know about the ISIS related attack information now we may gain more information in the future.

THE WASHINGTON POST New York truck attack suspect charged with terrorism offense, FBI says he plotted to carry out attack for ISIS

==Larry David's Holocaust joke on SNL: bad taste, or just bad comedy==
 Larry David had made inappropriate, insulting, racist, and sexual jokes last night on Saturday Night Live. Larry David made jokes about the homeless, the blind, the ugly and Jewish sex predators. An example of thee jokes were Larry David  if I'd grown up in Poland when Hitler came to power and was sent to a concentration camp, would I still be checking out women in the camp. This quote he stated was offending to Jews due to the Hitler part of the joke and seems awfully sexual. Another example is that David said this quote In a 1994 episode of that hit comedy, Jerry Seinfeld and his girlfriend make out in a theater to Schindlers List, which isalso parodied later on in the show. This quote making out with his girlfriend is extremely sexual and is surprising to many other comedians out there. This comedy episode is surprising it even went on television due to the inappropriate messages.

THE WASHINGTON POST Larry David's Holocaust joke on SNL: bad taste, or just bad comedy

This Man Just Swam in Antarctic Waters in Next to Nothing[edit]

 Lewis Pugh has done a fatal act and he managed to survive swimming in the Antarctic waters. This wasn't Pugh's first act but this stunt he did could have killed him. Swimming in these temperatures could have caused hypothermia to him due to the fact the Antarctic waters are below -4 degrees Fahrenheit. Pugh even passed two elephant seals but also took him 19 minutes to swim one kilometer. If the water had not been salty Pugh wouldn't even have the ability to swim in those waters. Even though Pugh wants to accomplish acts like these he also wants to call attention to issues facing the world's oceans.


== Sheep Can Recognize Human Faces

 We people thought sheep were dumb clueless animals until we were shown the truth about sheep. A research team were  about sheep and can they remember our faces. A sheep was involved and the experiment let the sheep recognize the photo and it was to do a quiz in which face was the right face the sheep saw. This experiment was done multiple times to get the results. But somehow the sheep got the right answers. Now we know we shouldn't judge something or a sheep by its cover or appearance.

NATEONAL GEOGRAPHIC Sheep Can Recognize Human Faces

Frozen Remains of Extinct Lion Found in Russia[edit]

 A lion cub had been found in Russia. The cub could have died by his/her cave's breakdown. The gender could be official in a few days or so but for now we have no information for its gender nor age of the frozen lion cub. Scientists can clone animals but could they clone extinct animals? There is going to be a lot more theories of what are they going to do with the frozen remain but could be answered in a couple of years. Furthermore this article could be updated later on and more answers could be found about the species of the extinct lion.

NATEONAL GEOGRAPHIC Frozen Remains of Extinct Lion Found in Russia .

The Most Famous Wolf Now is Dead[edit]

During 2012 the most famous wolf, o6 was shot by a trophy hunter outside Yellowstone National Park. o6 was full of moxie and was a female alpha.o6 was 100 pounds, was attractive in coloration and was powerful. She usually wandered finding territory in which is very dangerous for wolves. Nor was o6 as dumb and wasn't as weak as the other wolves. She hunted by herself with no help whatsoever and had a hunting instinct. But lets all remember what she was and what she did and remember what a legend she was. NATEONAL GEOGRAPHIC The Most Famous Wolf Now is Dead

Earthquake in Iraq and New Mexico[edit]

This is heartbreaking event to many people for those who lost something or someone. This devastating earthquake had a magnitude of 7.3 and could be the worst earthquake to hit in 2017. This earthquake affected more than 1,200 people. According to the earthquake in 1954 this event would be a fourth of the event in 1954. This event was not expected by most people and was extremely dramatic to most people. This day should be remembered by people of how many lives were lost this day.

NATEONAL GEOGRAPHIC Earthquake in Iraq and New Mexico

South Dakota loses 200,000 gallons of oil[edit]

South Dakota has lost over 200,000 gallons due to its pipeline. This is an enormous problem due to the fact oil is valuable, expensive and is used for many things. The pipeline's protesters are arguing about the pipeline's construction because drinking water is at risk. The may have been spilled near crops, gardens and maybe a lake. This problem cannot be covered that easily and will take a lot of time and effort to fix this long pipe however construction may progress later to fix the pipe.

NATEONAL GEOGRAPHIC South Dakota loses 200,000 gallons of oil

Are these the oldest images of dogs?[edit]

 Dogs are a man's best friend but do we know as much as them? Dogs have been living and existing for a long time but we don't know how long they existed. Researchers have discovered a stone in which shows a figure that stands out as a typical dog.  However the picture on the stone has no sign of when it was made. This seems to be the oldest dog picture in the world{ Their are only predictions and hypothesis's about how old it truly is}and is very important to the history of dogs.

Weird facts about your dreams P1[edit]

 Scientists have discovered many things about our strange but yet interesting dreams. Dreams are different from real life by creating a different body in your dream, giving the ability to do anything, and reviews your memories. One thing you didn't know about your dreams is that you can imagine something I your dream by just looking at a picture before you sleep. However dreams could turn into nightmares if you were depressed, scared, nervous, regretful, and any negative emotions. This is very strange to know this about the cause and effect of dreams however, yet fascinating to me and more people.

Why India's snake charming jobs are disappearing[edit]

 India has done many things but one of the most affordable items were handmade. Handmade businesses in India is decreasing rapidly. This is due to manufactured items made in factories or technology. A common item in India is MUM water, however this item is one of the most manufactured items in India and people are losing businesses due to people buying MUM water from other businesses. People are also using plastic bottles more than handmade bottles or cups. People are losing their businesses very quickly and are losing money. So the majority of India won't have any jobs or not a lot of money for them to survive.

NATEONAL GEOGRAPHIC Why India's snake charming jobs are disappearing

Swarms of millipedes[edit]

 Millipedes are nasty critters similar to a centipede. But millipedes come in swarms during mating season. One millipede can't protect itself while a swarm of a hundred can help each other survive. If a predator attacks the swarm disbands and runs away. After the predator is neutralized the millipedes make up the swarm once more. The millipedes don't usually attack but just wander around for food the rest of their lives, however I wouldn't recommend approaching a millipede they are ready to bite and kill any predator. 

NTEONAL GEOGRAPIC Watch Swarms of Millipedes


The lost city of Atlantis[edit]

 From all the myths you heard about Atlantis you must be fascinated to know all about it. Atlantis was once an ordinary island in the ocean before it was covered by the ocean. Atlantis related to Greek philosophy and Greek gods such as Zeus, Hades, Hera, Nemisis , Athena, and many more. But the one god that we are focused on is Posiedon the ruler of water. The citizens of Atlantis were violent and merciless so the gods were angered so Posiedon and the gods caused earthquakes and tsunamis to sink Atlantis to the sea. The lost city of Atlantis has never been found but there are multiple Greek statues underwater which may lead to the lost city of Atlantis.

Star Wars The Last Jedi[edit]

 Star Wars The Force Awakens was a hit movie in 2015 but now the gang is back. Lucasfilm is releasing a new movie called Star Wars he Last Jedi. This movie contains multiple actors you may have remembered or not. This movie will come out in December 15 and maybe be successful. This could be as good as the Force Awakens or even better. Lucasfilm also worked extremely long just to make this film so this movie could be a success. But, we have to wait and see the results so we don't know if this is going to be the best movie of the month or just a normal non exciting movie.


Incredibles 2[edit]

The hit movie aired on 2005 is making a comeback. Your favorite characters in the movie The Incredibles will come back in the new movies The Incredibles 2. This movie will be aired on summer of 2018. People have been waiting for a  sequel for 13 years and in a few months they are getting it.  This movie will exhilarate all Disney fans and will leave them satisfied.

IPhone or Samsung[edit]

   People have been thinking of which company is better, Samsung or IPhone. Obviously Apple has more customers however, Samsung is almost just as good. In customers Apple has way more customers ad supporters. But Samsung is more advanced due to the fact they have a screen that bends! This short summary and will continue later on but for now I want to state that both companies have their advantages and talents.

The Maze Runner[edit]

 The bestselling novel series, The Maze Runner is creating more movies. The first movie of The Maze Runner was a good or successful movie. This encouraged the author to allow  a studio to make more movies relating to the story. People didn't like the movie as much as the book but soon more movies came in to make the series more famous. Now the studio is working on a new movie called The Death Cure which is going to be released in 2018.


  Atlantis a beautiful island which worships the Greek gods well maybe not. Atlantis is thought to be an island underwater with statues of Greek gods. But there's one thing people looked for it for decades and still didn't find the hidden city. Well there's something you should know about Atlantis its FAKE. The person who created the story pretty much made it all up so, if you want to search for this fake island your going to try to look for it for a long time.

The Outsiders[edit]

   The Outsiders is a book published by S.E. Hinton.  This book is mainly focused on a gang called the Greasers. The main character, Ponyboy, narrates the events and emotions. The book also was one of the best in the 1960s and also made a movie in 1983.  This book relates to people and gangs in the 1960s but has many dramatic scenes in the story than in the movie. However the author of the book had no intention to publish it but was forced by her mother. However this book is still read today and is very entertaining for the audience.

Future productions[edit]

    Lets admit it we people are still not satisfied with the technology we have right now. Well now you don't have to wait that long anymore. Virtual reality, often confused with augmented reality, will be more realistic using new technology with technology which can enhance your experience. Now gamers will have something to experience. These systems may come out in early 2020. These systems may cost more than $1500 which can leave you penny less. But these systems will guarantee satisfaction and is very realistic with a 360 degree view.

Is the end of the world near?[edit]

   A lot of people theorized the end of the world however they were all wrong. The Aztecs used prophecies to predict the end of the world in 2012. So we have to understand myths and legends cannot give us the clearest answers. However a few scientists made a prediction that the Earth and another planet called Earth 2 would collide and cause destruction but again the human race is still alive. There has to be evidence to provide that the human race will be extinct. That is what I will explain in the next summary.

How the human race will die?[edit]

     People cant accept that they are all going to die so we have to help those people by slowing down those causes that will end us all. One way the Earth will die is by solar flares. Of course we are experiencing solar activity but most of our atmosphere on Earth is protecting us rom radiation but soon a solar flare maybe to big for our atmosphere to handle. Then we would be we would be exposed to solar radiation and eventually die. So we have to find a way to help block the Sun's radiation with a shield. {I don't mean a shield that stretches through the whole atmosphere since that is nearly impossible}

Famous rapper dead.[edit]

     Rapper, XXXTentacion was pronounced dead in June 18  while in the hospital. This shocked many people and thought of who killed him. They believe Drake or another rapper murdered him. But they were wrong the suspect is identified as  Dedrick D. Williams.  But the other suspect has not been found nor identified. People even made ceremonies for this rapper's death. People want justice for their favorite rapper and want it now.

Summer in 2018[edit]

    People are enjoying the summer right now however some people just like the other seasons because of insects. You may not notice this issue if you are not living next to the dump but insects are all over the place in the summer. The hot weather plus the insects aren't good news. Now mosquitoes are becoming more active because of the warm weather and flies are buzzing all over the place for food. However we might as well agree we should go outside but with more protection. This means sunblock and a lot of bug spray. So enjoy your summer as much as you want but be aware of the danger lurking around you or your children.

Kids losing knowledge of school material[edit]

      Summer is a nice long break for people all over the world however it has its cons to kids also. Kids don't seem to do anything productive that can benefit them for the future. Instead all they do is play video games, play any sport, or hang out together. This is a huge problem to the world because once summer vacation is over schools across the world have to teach them the same thing last year for half of the school year. There should be more programs kids could go to in the weekends in which is needed for there future. If more programs for kids are made than teachers can teach kids more information throughout the school year and the kids would have a better chance in having a good future.

Amusement parks[edit]

    Amusement parks have been made over 70 years ago and are still popular today. Some amusement parks still active today range from 10 to 70 years of age. But of course they are still enjoyable to this day selling toys, popcorn, cotton candy and many more goods. But the most famous amusement parks are the ones with new rides coming every day. Some examples include Disney World, and Universal Studios.  The reasons why these places are soo attracting is because of their wonderful rides and their community.

Specialized high schools in 3 years[edit]

     We all know about the famous specialized high schools in the U.S.. Some in Brooklyn, some in Bronx but one thing they have in common is that they are all honorable schools with honorable students. Although these schools won't be so honorable in three years. The way they are honorable is by giving students an advanced education system and the SHSAT exam which gets kids in the school. Since the SHSAT is getting easier and easier there will be no purpose in trying to get in so the U.S. is going to get rid of the SHSAT test in three years. 

The pros of the SHSAT being removed[edit]

     There are not many positive outcomes for this topic but there are just a few common pros. One possible outcome is that the specialized high schools will be less racist. Some specialized high schools have a greater amount of one race than another so they want the race which they don't have much of. But if the SHSAT test would be removed they would have to  pick multiple random seats which may or may not have the race the school wants.  Another good outcome is that more students will be educated which may lead them to a better future. However it depends on the type of student enrolling into the school. Such as if a smart cooperative student enrolls she will most likely have a good future. However if a violent, uncooperative kid enrolls he may not have a bright future and may influence others to do the same thing. All in all removing the SHSAT would be a good opportunity for kids to learn but may negative effects to the school due to the uncooperative kids in the classes.

The cons of the SHSAT being removed[edit]

    If the SHSAT would be removed I would cause problems to the specialized high school's career. The way this will be caused by is by students (troublemakers in particular) will cause the school to have a bad reputation. One single bad kid can mess up other peoples futures by influencing them bad behavior from themselves. Soon the school wont even be honorary or special. It will be an average high school which nobody will want to get into. The education system would fail and nothing good can effect the students. No discipline would stop the kids and soon the school would not that special in teaching their students.

Why summer I one of the most beloved seasons[edit]

     Summer is loved by many people around the world and is the most enjoyable season to people. To students summer is to kick back and relax. This includes traveling, playing video games, and playing sports. Adults have a different opinion on kicking back for a while since they still have to do a lot of work. But people still agree they can travel and relax a little while. They could go to amusement parks, zoos, etc. But everyone agrees that summer is a time to relax from everything you did the whole year.

Bed bug infestations[edit]

    We all hate bed bugs. Those tiny non winged forms of a mosquito are surely to make your skin itch. One bed bug can lay more than 20 eggs and they can reproduce even more eggs than before. This can result in getting rid of furniture, paying for an exterminator, and many things wasted. The way these pesky things get inside your homes is by them traveling or someone bringing them in your home. Either way bed bugs are the sure annoying and scary to look at once you get out of bed.

Man wins $1 million lottery by cutting the line[edit]

     The man didn't really cut the line but a customer let him since he looked like he was in a rush. Sadly the woman who did the good deed didn't gain any thing from the man but the man wants to track her down and thank her for helping him gain $1 million. But now the man plans on using the money for his wedding which he hopes his wife will love. He says that if the woman didn't let him cut the line he wouldn't have won the lottery. 

This information was from Inside Edition.

Food scams[edit]

    Many types of scammed food is bought each day. One example is lobster, which is not what you are really getting. Sometimes you may be getting scammed by whiting, langostino, or any other type of fish substitute.  Just like how food trucks scam people saying they have goat meat but instead have shredded chicken and beef together. Even Kobe beef, the most expensive beef , is scammed as just regular beef or chicken. Sometimes these foods range from $10-$55 which is very expensive. So some recommendations are to not buy food from food trucks ,and local delis.

Why social media bullies bully people[edit]

     These people aren't looking to get teased at they are looking for people to tease. They aren't really jealous of people because they barely know the people they bully. They just want to release their anger on other people and probably don't know how it will effect others. So they continue until they are no longer having fun teasing the person. This usually happens in sights like twitter or Snapchat. Cyber bullying happens all over the world and cause many deaths without people realizing it.

How fake examples can become real news[edit]

    These situations may happen when you least expect it. Such as getting your hair wet can cause you to get ill. This has been proven wrong by scientists and has been broadcasted in the news before. Another hoax is eating carrots will give you night vision. This is a hoax because no human can see objects with a naked eye. This originated in WW2 and pilots encouraged kids to eat their veggies but it was all due to radars to attack enemy bases. These hoax's are meant to teach kids by lying and by false stories.

What is clickbait[edit]

    Clickbait is a well known term which is mostly said in You tube. Clickbait has been around for decades and aren't really loved. If a person is to write  How to get GTA V on your phone and doesn't show how to get the thing it counts as a form of clickbait. This results in a lot of hate for the certain person and the person might get cyberbullied by many people. If your social media is popular than many people will think of it as a joke however if this joke continues too many times there maybe hate involved on your video. So clickbait can lead to nowhere but trouble and cyberbullying. Therefor don't use clickbait in any form of social media.

What has happened to Logan Paul ?[edit]

     Ever since January Logan has been experienced an incredible amount of hate from the You tube community. Even on his social media people are still hating him for the suicide video he posted. Even though the video is deleted many people got copies of the video and uploaded it. Logan is not as terrible as his brother but has changed in a good way. Even though Logan is experiencing a lot of distrust, hate, or rejection, he said he will go on no matter what and learn from his foolish mistakes.

Jake Paul, the worst neighbor ever[edit]

    Jake Paul, the brother of Logan Paul. is rich and filthy because he treats his neighbors like trash. Jake Paul causes a lot of attention in the neighborhood. One example of this is that he prank called the fire department when he was somewhere else in his vacation. This caused a lot of tension to spark in his home. People are calling him names but he says he will continue doing these things and even to his team 10 roommates.

Shark valley[edit]

    Shark valley is a beautiful place to be in. It has no sharks and is a very safe place to be in. There is also a small population of alligators roaming the valley. The sight of seeing one alligator is outstanding and is a magnificent sight to experience. This valley is extremely popular to wheelchair users. This is due to the fact there are concrete paths ad the amazing place to be in.

The best of Dallas[edit]

     Dallas is full of good celebrations, food, and tradition. The traditional food in Dallas is corny dogs and turkey legs. It's said that Dallas also has tracks of dinosaurs from 100 million years ago. Dallas also consists of celebrations for the Texas fair which involves dancing eating and laughing all in one day. Dallas has much to offer but the only way you can like it is experience it.

Beautiful mountains[edit]

 Mountains are one of the worlds best landscapes. With it's beautiful tall structure to it's peeks they have been known as one of the best places in the world. These natural sky scrapers are one of the most admiring things in the world. Even if these wonders aren't admired by all people, they are still glorious natural pieces of art.

Mom's nagging text saved her child[edit]

    This caring mother kept mentioning her baby's car seat to her husband however she never knew her nagging text can save his son's life. It started off as a good day but soon turned out to be an unexpected disaster when the car was hit by another vehicle by accident. The mother's text was to be careful of using the car seat. The baby had a broken leg in three different parts and had a few broken toes. Luckily they didn't lose their baby boy but the mother is credited a hero for reminding the father of the car seat.

Florida mother receives letter from lost 14 year old[edit]

    This Florida mother lost her 14 year old daughter in 2013 and now found a letter belonging to her child. The child fled her home for no reason and is now in hiding. It is now said that the child is now 19 or 20 years old. But after 5 long years the girl, Emily, has given her mother a letter. The letter hasn't been much help of finding her but is still used for the case. Police investigators are still working on the case and there is no leading evidence whether or not Emily is still alive and well..

Trump crosses another line[edit]

This article states how President Trump once again crosses another line in which excited others. President Trump had breached tradition to meet two candidates for U.S. attorney both of whom will investigate President Trump in the future. This hasn't been Trump's first time speaking directly to a U.S. attorney candidate. Trump met Jessie Liu in which is confirmed as U.S. attorney for the district of Colombia.

Trump has made a decision that could affect him in the future but I just wonder what will the two candidates expose or may? THE WASHINGTON POST Trump crosses another line

Wave pf addiction linked to fentanyl worsens as drugs, distribution, evolve[edit]

Many people sell drugs  to get money but do they understand what they are doing? According to the police a few days ago a person named Michelle MacLeod died from an overdose of a drug. The person who sold the drug to Michelle was Kevin Manchester. The police informed Kevin Michelle died from the overdose of the drug Kevin sold to him and died. Now Kevin at the age of 27 is at prison for selling the lethal drug and selling other drugs. So in the end Michelle is dead and Kevin is at prison, but be careful of what you sell or give to a person because the result of a person taking a lethal drug can be fatal.

THE WASHINGTON POST National wave of addiction linked to fentanyl worsens as drugs, distribution, evolve