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Tenzin Tsephel Article Summary Page

                                                                                                                                      Air pollution  

Air pollution affects human beings, animals and the environment in a negative way. If we don't stop air pollution, then there is a possible chance we will get ill and possibly die.
According to national geographic, “ It can make people’s eyes burn and make them have difficulty breathing. It can also increase the risk of lung cancer...Short-term effects, which are temporary, include illnesses such as pneumonia or bronchitis. They also include discomfort such as irritation to the nose, throat, eyes, or skin.”
To add on, “ Sometimes, air pollution kills quickly. In 1984, an accident at a pesticide plant in Bhopal, India, released a deadly gas into the air. At least 8,000 people died within days. Hundreds of thousands more were permanently injured.”
Air pollution also affects the animals and the environment, specifically, “ When acidic air pollutants combine with water droplets in clouds, the water becomes acidic. When those droplets fall to the ground, the acid rain can damage the environment. Damage due to acid rain kills trees and harms animals, fish, and other wildlife. Acid rain can destroy the leaves of plants. When acid rain soaks into the ground, it can make the soil an unfit habitat for many living things. Acid rain also changes the chemistry of the water in lakes and streams, harming fish and other aquatic life.”
Moreover, “ Air pollution particles eventually fall back to Earth. Air pollution can directly contaminate the surface of bodies of water and soil. This can kill crops or reduce their yield. It can kill young trees and other plants.”

Air pollution is increasing every day and we should stop it before it gets worse. After all, we are part of the reason there is air pollution.


Tornadoes are very dangerous natural disasters and we have to be careful.
According to the article, “ A tornado is a violently rotating column of air that extends from a thunderstorm to the ground. It's often portended by a dark, greenish sky. Black storm clouds gather. Baseball-size hail might fall. A funnel suddenly appears, as though descending from a cloud. The funnel hits the ground and roars forward with a sound like that of a freight train approaching. The tornado tears up everything in its path.”
To add on, “Massive tornadoes, however—the ones capable of widespread destruction and many deaths—can roar along as fast as 300 miles (480 kilometers) an hour.”
Additionally, “Extremely high winds tear homes and businesses apart. Winds can also destroy bridges, flip trains, send cars and trucks flying, tear the bark off trees, and suck all the water from a riverbed.” <br.> Finally, “ High winds sometimes kill or injure people by rolling them along the ground or dropping them from dangerous heights. But most tornado victims are struck by flying debris—roofing shingles, broken glass, doors, metal rods.”
These evidence demonstrate how the dangerous Tornadoes are, you can get killed by it. So next time, there is a tornado, get shelter and be careful.

                                                                                                                                      Dogs are similar to us

Dogs and Humans share many qualities and they are just like us. They have feelings and share some of the things we like. According to the article, “Dogs can read facial expressions, communicate jealousy, display empathy, and even watch TV, studies have shown. They've picked up these people-like traits during their evolution from wolves to domesticated pets, which occurred between 11,000 and 16,000 years ago, experts say. Social eavesdropping—or people-watching—is central to human social interactions, since it allows us to figure out who's nice and who's mean”.
And also, “According to a study published in August in the journal Animal Behaviour, our dogs listen in too. Now, a new study suggests dogs also follow human gazes into blank space—but only if they're untrained.”
Moreover, “Dogs have personal preferences just like humans do. Dogs have favorite foods, toys and even people. Each dog is different in their likes and dislikes and while some seem to like everything and everyone, others might be very picky.”
Lastly, “Food is love, for people and dogs alike. We are both a social species and much of our social interactions revolve around food. This is true for wild canids as well. While we don’t share all of our food with our dogs at home, we can share the love for a delicious meal and snack.”
Even though dogs are animals and we are humans, we share similar qualities with them.

                                                                                                                                      Endangered Animals

There is numerous numbers of endangered species around the world.
According to the article, “Rapunzel, a Sumatran rhino, was rescued and lived at the Bronx Zoo until her death in 2005. Largely due to poaching, Sumatran rhinos are now on the brink of extinction, with fewer than 200 remaining in the wild.” Rhinos are not the only animals that are endangered.
Black footed ferret is also endangered. “Despite their growing numbers, the black-footed ferret is still threatened, primarily due to the shrinking numbers of their main prey: prairie dogs. Black-footed ferrets heavily rely on the presence of prairie dogs for food and for shelter. Due to habitat loss and a strain of prairie dog plague, the ferrets' main source of food is dwindling.”
And also, “Populations are on the rise due to conservation efforts around the world and strict hunting laws. However, habitat loss continues to threaten wild pandas.”
Finally, “A Hawaiian monk seal swims in the French Frigate Shoals in the northwestern Hawaii. Monk seals have become critically endangered because of increased ocean pollution, coastal habitat loss, and fishing gear that entangles them.
If we don't save these animals, they are going to be extinct and we will never see them again.

                                                                                                                                     Why Ancient Egypt a better civilization than other civilizations 

Ancient Egypt was one of the best civilization because they were fair, respectful, successful, and advanced.
They were fair because they treated women the same as a man. “Women were able to represent themselves in court, motion for divorce, own and manage property, free slaves and sue other people. In the eyes of the law, elite men and women were virtually equal.”
Additionally, they made their own language, “Ancient Egypt invented the Hieroglyphics, which is a writing system in Ancient Egypt. “It is a very old form of writing that they starting using as early as 3000 B.C. Hieroglyphics was a very complicated way of writing involving 1000s of symbols. Some of the symbols represented sounds, like our letters, and others represented entire words.”
To add on, they bury someone if they are dead. “ They were respectful because instead of burying dead people, they preserved them and mummified them and then put them in tombs.” Lastly, they were advanced due to their inventions and technology.
The Nile River flows through Egypt on its way to the sea. Every year, between June and October, it flooded the surrounding desert and covered the land with fertile silt (fine mud). Ancient Egyptian farmers were able to grow excellent crops on this land, including wheat, barley, grapes, figs, and many different types of vegetables.
Overall, this demonstrates that they were an advanced civilization and they were better than other ancient civilizations.


China is a fascinating and advanced country. For example, “Arts and crafts have a long history in China. Thousands of years ago the Chinese were some of the first people to use silk, jade, bronze, wood, and paper to make art. The artistic writing called calligraphy was invented in China.”
To add on, “Ancient China was a land of invention. For centuries, China was way ahead of most other countries in science and technology, astronomy, and math. The Chinese invented paper, the magnetic compass, printing, porcelain, silk, and gunpowder, among other things.”
Additionally, “ The mortar used to bind the Great Wall’s stones was made with sticky rice!” This is fascinating because it is not like you see a great wall made of sticky rice every day, so it is very special.
And lastly, “China is ruled by a very powerful central government. A huge workforce and lots of natural resources have driven economic change. This has forced the communist* government to allow more economic and personal freedoms, but it has come at a huge cost to the environment, too.”
To sum it up, China is not like any other normal country, it is unique and advanced.

                                                                                                                                     Sleep disorder causes and solutions 

If adults and teens don’t get enough sleep, there is a possibility they might get linked to a sleep disorder. And these are the reason why the have sleep disorder in the first place.
In the article, it states, “ Many people don’t get enough sleep or sleep poorly because of their jobs or hectic schedules — they work long shifts at night or have to rush to get their kids ready to catch a 6 a.m. school bus. Some 50 million to 70 million Americans have a chronic sleep disorder such as insomnia or sleep apnea, a condition in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts throughout the night.”
Also, “The two most common sleep disorders are sleep apnea and insomnia. Sleep apnea is when your throat closes during sleep for brief but repetitive periods of time, interfering with your ability to get oxygen into your body and to rid your body of waste products like carbon dioxide. Insomnia is a disorder where individuals have chronic problems falling asleep or maintaining their sleep. Another relatively common sleep disorder is called periodic limb movement disorder, where the individual has disrupted sleep because of involuntary kicking of their legs or arms that wakes them up.”
And this is how you can improve sleep health, “ Institutionally, we could work harder to ensure that we don't require students or workers to follow unhealthy sleep habits. We could delay school start times so that students don’t have to get up to catch a school bus at 6 a.m., for example. I also work with a group of patient advocates who have suggested that everybody who gets a driver’s license is educated on sleep disorders and the impact of drowsy driving — and to consider including screening for sleep disorders as a part of applying for a license.”
It is actually really simple to not get a sleeping disorder, all you have to do really is just write out a schedule and follow it. The time you would do homework, the time you would eat, and most importantly, the time you would sleep. So that way, you have proper management and would get the right amount of sleep.
To sum it up, be careful. Get the right amount of sleep you need, because sleep is significant. You need it in order to function.

                                                                                                                            Seals get killed because of Humans

Many seals are dying due to getting shot by fishermans.
EVERY MORNING KEEPERS at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium shake rattles and blow whistles to let Cruz—a 225-pound sea lion—know it’s time for breakfast. He’s blind, so his keepers rely on sound, touch, and scent to guide him around his enclosure.
"Cruz’s story began in 2013, when rescuers found him stranded on a crowded beach in Santa Cruz, California. The rescue team says he appeared exhausted, underweight, and altogether helpless. But it was his eyes that worried them most—the left one was foggy, and the right eye was missing."
The wounded sea lion was rushed to the Marine Mammal Center, in Sausalito, where X-rays revealed several metal shards lodged in his skull. He’d sustained at least one shotgun blast to the head. He was nursed back to health, but because he was no longer able to fend for himself in the wild,
“He was one of the lucky ones” says Madelynn Hettiger, the aquarium’s manager of marine mammals. “If he hadn’t made it to shore, we might never have known about this animal.”
Treat seals like the way you wanted to be treated. Seals are animals. Although they can't speak, they have feelings and can feel pain.