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Today is: May 18

National Cheese Souffle Day, National No Dirty Dishes Day, National Visit Your Relatives Day- Source:


Fungi Eats Plastic, Then We Eat It

Most of us have learned in science class not to waste or just toss plastic because it is a nonbiodegradable material that never breaks down. Professor of molecular biochemistry Scott Strobel at Yale University and a group of students on the university's annual Rainforest Expedition and Laboratory discovered a plastic-eating fungi found in Amazon. This newly found fungi, Pestalotiopsis microspora, eats common plastic such as bottles, containers, bags, and many other plastic made products thereby potentialy solving the problem of over filled landfills. The research was published in the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology which started a craze of how fungi can break down plastic and not retain toxicity that eventually got Katharina Unger to think if the fungi were edible. Unger and a partner researched and created a process in which edible mushrooms would be the result, along with a few recipes one with mango and carrots another with chocolate and yogurt. Still, with this great new discovery, we should continue to implement the 3 Rs of reduce, resuse, and recycle as well as make sure the research is all in before eating something potentially dangerous.

Walmart To Lead Companies in Carbon Reducation Emissions With Project Gigaton

The mega superchain store is working within their operationsand with its suppliers to significatly reduce greenhouse gases by a gigaton, one billion tons. Walmart has researched and designed a sceince-based plan to reduce emissions and will provide a toolkit to its suppliers, mostly in manufacturing, materials, and product usage, which will be their guide to implemening and fulfilling this new initiative. The focus of their climate efforts will be in the operations that supply their products such as agriculture, energy, packaging, waste, and others. By implementing these changes, the corporation will be enacting the quivalent of taking off 211 million passenger vehicles from the streets in America per year. Walmart and other organization representatives hope Walmart's lead will be an example for other companies to follow suit and work to decrease greenhouse gases. All it takes is one to take the lead and the rest will follow, in this case, can Walmart and its plan appeal enough for the other corporations to take the lead.

Drones To Warn About Tornadoes

The weather technology that we have now can only give tornado prone area residents 13 minutes to prepare before a tornado strikes. However, mechanical engineer Jamey Jacob would like to extend the time to more than an hour. Jamey and his team have created an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), which can withstand rain, hail, and wind up to 120 mph, to collect data from violent tornadoes. These stormproof UAVs, will give weather forecasters better views of the developing storms and provide important information about the creation of tornadoes. On the other hand, Jamey's drones aren't ready to fly at a moment's notice; it takes four hours to prepare the drone, computers, and weather tools. In the long run, weather drones will predict the tornadoes and hopefully people can prepare for tornados before they come.
Sources: drone-swarms-could-make- tornado-predictions-better

Bye Bye Wheelchairs and Walkers, Hello Exo-suit

Throughout our existence, we humans have crept, crawled, stood, walked, ran, limped, hobbled, and wheeled our way from here to there, now, with the exo-suit, we can move around with the flexing of muscles. A new exoskeleton, allows people with difficulty walking, to walk again and the most important aspect of the machine is that it prevents falls from happening. The suit is able to do this by using adaptive mechanisms that activate only when it senses that the wearer is about to fall while walking. The exoskeleton works on an algorithm that picks up on subtle muscular changes from the body movement, which predicts if any elderly or paralyzed person is about to fall. Unfortunately, before something like this can be put to use, there must be more tests on elderly or paralyzed subjects to understand how elders fall. Continued research with a larger sample of participants will be able to show if this exoskeleton suit will be used for the people who need it.

Classified Unmanned U.S. Air Force Space Plane Returns

Questions concerning the US Air Force’s secretive X-37B space plane's existence have been brought to the public's attention. On May7th, the unmanned X-37B landed at NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre in Florida after 2 years in orbit. Before landing, the space craft created a sonic boom, which informed local civilians about X-37B and made it difficult for the Air Force to deny the craft’s existence. However, the US Air Force officials refuse to reveal to the public about the “missions” of the space plane; even the craft’s budget is a secret. The X-37B is another one of the US Air Force’s many secrets and speculations about the craft’s purpose cannot be determined yet, given the information provided at the moment.

Dad Proves Body Transformation Possible After Hitting 40s

A British father of three, Ben Jackson, underwent a rigorous body and life-changing transformation. The 45 year old, proves that within a 12-week period his simple methods can not only work for him, but for many others. By eliminating foods with carbohydrates, chocolate bars, energy drinks and alcohol, and replacing them with healthy foods such as chicken, fish, eggs, and shakes, Ben was able to lose the fat. Along with his change in food choices, Ben exercised in a gym 5 times a week. As a result of his lifestyle change, he got rid of his extra pounds and noticed an increase in energy levels, along with improvement in both his physical and mental states. Ben's effort goes to show that when there's the will, there's the way.

NASA Back On Track To Space Exploration

New moon mission will be a year long endeavor which will provide vital research data for NASA's goal of reaching Mars in the 2030s. During the Humans To Mars summit held in Washington DC, NASA laid out its four stage plan. The plan includes; Stage 1: lunar trips, construction of the Deep Space Gateway staging area, and the beginning of the assembly of the Deep Space Transport. Stage 2: Complete the Deep Space Transport, and conduct yearlong Mars simulation mission. Stages 3 & 4: Begin sustained crew to Martian system and surface of Mars. The first and biggest leap will be in the creation of allow for construction of a habitat which will provide a staging area for the journey. In 2027, astronauts will spend 12 months on the space station simulating the circumstances for research in preparation of a 1,000-day mission to the Mars system and back. With this new vision of NASA's, it would seem as if the U.S. is back on track with JFK's vision once again.

Tesla's Solar Roofing Tiles Available For Houses

The genius futurist Elon Musk once again has stunned the global community by creating 'invisible' roofing tiles for homes which is currently on sale in the U.S. only. The pricing of the tiles are $21.85 per square foot, significantly higher than the average cost of below $4.00 per square foot. Unlike the tiles long-used cousin, solar panels, these glass tiles look like a traditional roof, and come in slate and terracotta styles. The roofing tiles contain photovoltaic cells and are invisible from the street. To state the positives of the tiles, Musk said, 'The goal is to have solar roofs that look better than a normal roof, generate electricity, last longer, have better insulation, and actually have a total cost that is less than the price of a normal roof plus electricity,' Musk said. With heavyweight Elon Musk behind these roofing tiles, it looks like people will be installing them not only to be hip and environmentally friendly, but also to buy a Tesla that can be recharged from the roof.

Vomiting, Nausea, and Fever with Your Sushi

Well known by the medical community, disregarded by the sushi loving hipsters, eating sushi may lead to parasitic infections of the stomach. The parasitic infestation is known as herring worm disease, also known as anisakiasis is found in many but not all raw fish. In one case, a person ingested a parasitic worm that caused him stomach pains and after an examination it was found that white larvae were burrowing into an area of swollen and inflamed gut lining. In some cases, the parasite can cause severe reactions including erratic heartbeat and respiratory failure. When eating food, sometimes it may be best to think about how you eat it, not just following popular trends.

The 15-minute Hack That Increases School Grades

As experience tells most of us, a short amount of focused time can outweigh, in productivity and results, time that is spent without purposeful reflection. Patricia Chen, a Stanford researcher, says students who spend 15 minutes focusing on 'study strategy' can out perform students who routinely attend to their studies. Ms. Chen created a survey that helps students think about how they will perform by asking them questions about performance, prefered grades and scores, resources used to study, and more. The students who answered the survey outperformed other students by 1/3 of a letter grade. The students who did the answer the questions on the survey twice performend twice as well as the students that answered the survey only one time. As seen by this research, the brain is an phenomenal learning machine that when tweaked, can reach better and higher results
Sources: Read more:

Readers Speak Out on South Korea’s New Leader

The outcome of the South Korean presidential election sparked a great deal of controversy. It turns out that most citizens elected Moon Jae-in, hoping to see the country fix both the political and social divisions that had significantly increased during the impeachment of former President Park Geun-hye. Many people expressed their concerns on the what seems to be permanent economic corruption and the burdensome threat from North Korea. One citizen expects Mr. Moon to bring peace with the North, clean up the major corruption of the family-owned corporations, and find ways to strengthen the society by addressing social inequalities and fighting social exclusion. Others declare that the reason they voted for Moon Jae-in is due to his belief in the Sunshine Policy, a policy that emphasized peaceful cooperation in short-term working together until the reunification of both Koreas which some claim was a major part of financing the nuclear capability of North Korea that currently threatens the South. If their new president manages to find solutions to all these obstacles, then South Korea may be able to slowly regain its status from its recent corruption scandals.

American Oil to Help or Hinder America's People

The Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) is a pipeline in North Dakota which transports crude oil from domestic wells to American consumers. With this pipeline, thousands of new jobs will be created not only in the states where the pipeline crosses, but also to the processing plants. TransCanada the company that owns the pipeline says that the pipeline would create 20,000 direct jobs, but also create 118,000 additional jobs that support the pipeline and its workers throughout the states the pipeline runs. However, the State Dept. disagreed with the number lowering it to 42,000 new jobs during construction, and 160 jobs to maintain the pipeline. Once the pipeline is operational on June 1st, the pluses are that it will create $1.37 billion, generate $55 million in property taxes, which will be given to the North Dakota, and lower the price of oil. Possible negative aspects are, as protestors argue, that the completing of the pipeline would destroy ancestral lands, threaten the water supply, and increase the pollution of land if oil spills, such as the one that happened in April, continue to happen. Though the positives and negatives are debateable, the fact that the U.S. needs cheaper energy is one that exists and have strong economic concerns.

Research Shows Possible Diet Soda and Stroke/Dementia Link

Along with the multitude of other health problems that soda causes, soda's alternative, diet soda, seems to have problems of its own. New research suggests that the drink may cause stroke and dementia. Individuals who drank at least one artificially sweetened beverage a day allegedly had almost three times the risk of developing stroke or dementia than those who drank less. The stroke's cause is when blood vessels in the brain become obstructed and Alzheimer’s disease dementia sets in, diet soda may have a connection with this obstruction. Though the research's theory sounds damning for diet soda, the percentage of people who might develop these conditions are low, three percent for stroke and five percent for dementia. The obvious logical idea that comes to mind is to drink diet soda, or even soda, with moderation.

More Yoga for a Better School life

Yoga and meditation make students calmer not only in their minds, but their bodies as well. new yoga and meditation for kids is is very different than it is for adults because it's play-based and children see these games and activities as fun. Studies have shown that the possible benefits are stress reduction, emotional regulation, improved mental, and physical health. Together with such studies, teachers who practice yoga in the classroom believe it helps students learn better and relax, it can help kids who like to fidget as well. By practicing such yoga the idea is to improve youth' s behavior by positively influencing emotions and regulating them. If by effecting students' brains through yoga and meditation helps their physical, mental, and and emotional states, then perhaps more yoga and meditation would be helpful to the world.
Sources: watch_yoga_part_of_daily_routine_for_harmony_first_graders

Trump's Border Policies are Slowing Illegal Immigrants

Over the last few decades, millions of illegal immigrants have crossed the southern U.S. border, yet with President Trump's enforcement of the border, the flow is at an all time low. The amount of illegal immigrants crossing over the border is down 76% since the newly elected President took office. Families with children, which has always been a dangerous and treacherous journey has dropped more than previous years. The number of those being apprehended, according to border patrol and government statistics released on Tuesday, is the lowest in decades for the month of April that number being 11,129. At one point in a one month period during the last decade, the amount of illegals crossing over the border was approximated at 700,000. With Mr. Trump's promise of quick deportations and expansion of holding facilities, the fear of being sent back to their nations of origin is too big to risk the chance. Though America has always been a country accepting legal immigrants to our land, those who break the law to get here must decrease for the sake of the citizens currently here; nearly most of the world's 7+ billion people would like to come, that's far too much for any nation to accept.

France Continues on Socialist Path

France has decided to stay on its socialistic trajectory with its rejection of Marine Le Pen and election of Emmanuel Macron. Macron had 66.1 percent to LePen's 34.99 percent, with 100% of the votes being counted.Even worse, Macron crushed Le Pen in Paris with 89.7 percent, his strongest area of support in the nation. During the campaign Le Pen labeled him as a socialist while Macron characterized her as an extremist. In a criticizing statement associating Macron with Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel, Le Pen said, "In any case," she said, "France will be run by a woman -- me or Madame Merkel." Perhaps one contributing factor to Le Pen's massive defeat is that approximately a quarter of French people abstained in the second round of the election. With the defeat of Le Pen, many of France's nationalists fear a continuation of the socialist policies and negative effects of them on their country

Happy Teachers' Day

May 9th is the day set aside to appreciate those special people who teach us throughout our school years, teachers! National Teachers' Day was pronounced on this day by Congress in 1953 which officially made the Tuesday of the first full week of May the day to honor teachers. However, the dialog began a decade earlier in 1944 when an Arkansas teacher initiated talks with political leaders to assign a day nationally for teachers. Though the day is one to revere teachers by their students, as with any "special day" in this time and age, commercialism has begun to take hold as companies are increasing their marketing efforts to sell to both teachers and students by offering discounts. Yet, sometimes teachers just like the traditional displays of appreciation such as an apple on their desk, a student made bookmark, or a letter that shows how much they do appreciate their teachers. So, on this special day only for educators all around the nation, show how much you appreciate them by saying it out loud, " Thank you teachers!"

Clean Teeth For a Lifetime

Personal dental care is second nature to most people, brushing and flossing their teeth two or even three times a day. However, scientists say that the way people brush and floss their teeth does not help with cavity prevention. Philippe Hujoel, a dentist and professor of oral health, said that the best way to prevent cavities is to avoid sugar and simple carbohydrates. Hujoel also said, the best way to floss is softly, not snapping or yanking the dental floss into position with such force that it snaps against your gums. This causes soreness and constantly flossing your teeth improperly will create a "black interproximal triangle" which is when food gets trapped and holes become permanent and irreversible. For brushing, Hujoel suggests to brush your teeth with a toothpaste containing fluoride slowly and in circles to get rid of unwanted plaque and food particles. By following the professor's suggestions, people can keep their oral hygiene squeaky clean.

Obamacare Repealed, Obamacare Lite Installed

For years Republicans have sworn to repeal Obamacare, the healthcare system installed by former President Barack Obama, today the House of Representatives have done part of the job, now, to fully repeal it, the Senate must follow suit. While many of the supporters of the bill, known as the American Health Care Act, were unsure of its passing, the majority of the House of Representatives, Republicans, passed it. President Donald Trump confidently said, "We are going to get this passed through the Senate. I am so confident. ... This is a great plan. I actually think it will get even better. Make no mistake, this is a repeal and a replace of Obamacare." Though every Democrat in the House opposed the bill, the Republicans were able to squeak it through with a vote count of 217 to 213; 20 Republicans voted with the Democrats. Now, the uphill battle for getting the Senate to vote for the bill is next with the gap between Republican and Democratic members much smaller, a difference of only four seats. For the sake of the nation and us the citizens, let us all hope that what they passed is what is necessary for all Americans to have the health care we all need. For the sake of the nation and us the citizens, let us all hope that what they passed is what is necessary for all Americans to have the health care we all need.


Self Repairing Clothes

Scientists at University of Freiburg have created self repairing clothes that can 'shed their skin' when damaged. In a demonstration, a scientist scratched the material and submerged it in water, which then percolated into the cut and dissolved the polymer. The cloth consists of 3 layers that are a water-repellent film, water-soluble polymer, and silicon. Initiating the self-repairing capabilities is easy enough, just drop it in water, then the damaged layer peels off leaving the undamaged surface visible. The benefits of such clothing would mean that parents wouldn't have to buy new clothes everytime their kid fell and ripped them and the next time Superman or Thor fight an evil alien, they wouldn't have to send out for a new uniform from Reed Richards.


Pope to Appear in New Movie

The Roman Catholic Church's patriarch, Pope Francis, may be the head of the church, but will also be doing a little moonlighting in an upcoming movie. We mostly know him as being a populist, a dealmaker, hard-working, focused, and a role model to some. Therefore, it’s impressive to know that Pope Francis will be starring in the movie “Beyond the Sun.” This movie was originally his idea, since he believed it would help spread awareness about Jesus’ message to children. The profit that will be made from this movie will be donated to two charities, El Almendro and Los Hogares de Cristo, that are of significant importance to the Pope. By applying his generosity and selflessness to real world problems, Pope Francis is taking a step further in purveying the 12 chief disciple of Jesus Christ.
Source: -article-1.3139440

The House of Representative Vote to Repeal an Replace Obamacare

On Thursday, the U.S. House of Representatives will vote on a bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, with the Republicans American Health Care Act, or the AHCA.Republicans, who have the majority of the votes in the House will be voting to pass the bill although many of them fought to keep aspects of Obamacare to allow people with pre-existing conditions to be covered by insurance companies. However, a breakthrough in the form of an amendment that provides $8 billion over five years helping people with pre-existing conditions in states granted a waiver from Obamacare's protections. The waivers allow states to opt out of Obamacare standards setting minimum benefits that health plans must offer. They also allow states to opt out of the community rating requirement that prevents insurers from charging different prices based on a client's health status or age. Insurance companies would be required to cover older people and individuals with pre-existing conditions, but be able to charge them more with the waivers. Though some are calling it "Obamacare lite", in order for the nation to have some working health care system, compromise may be the only way to satisfiy all concerned parties, especially us.

"Boozing" Is the Reason Behind Brad Pitt's Divorce From Angelina Jolie

Though much has been speculated of the two A-List actors' divorce, Brad Pitt has revealed that the true reason was due to the devastating effects of alcohol on him. The divorce was of his own decision from his inability to stop drinking. Pitt's cesesion from alcohol is contributed to his recent and ongoing therapy which he praises as being a positive effect in his life. But as with any addiction problem and its end, he stated that "he" didn't want to live that way because drinking had become a problem for him. Since his decision, he and his former wife have been working on limiting their court suits for the sake of the children. As seen by an American super-star and billions of others, alcohol can be a destructive substance that ruins lives; don't start it, then you'll never have to quit it.

The New No-No: Trashing Electronics

So many of us just toss our electronics into the trash, but with so many millions, even billions of people doing this, the ramifications could harsh for the environment and its inhabitants. This trash, known as e-waste , can include everything from cell phones all the various smart devices, computers and their accessories, CDs, cords and plugs, gaming consoles, and perhaps the worst, batteries. Batteries, as well as the other e-waste, allow seepage of heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury and other toxic materials into the soil which eventually can affect our drinking water and soil for food. By recycling electronics we can help in the conservation of natural resources and the reduction of energy needed to produce new electronic equipment, plus we can save valuable resources such as aluminum, copper, gold, silver, plastics, and ferrous metals. In an effort to help in such conservation efforts, more and more large companies, such as Staples and Best Buy, are accepting the e-waste, still, we can help in the efforts by practicing one or more of the 3 R’s: refurbish, reuse, and recycle them. Whether we do the job ourselves or allow the big corporations to lend a hand, taking care of e-waste is an important action we must participate in to protect our lives and the lives of those who come after us.

Flying Suit Makes Iron Man A Reality

Richard Browning has just made the reality of an Iron Man armor that much closer. His engineering marvel is a suit that has miniature jet engines attached to an exoskeleton. The suit is controlled by moving the arms and the display in his helmet updates him on fuel consumption. The suit is capable of speeds of up to 200 mph, reachng thousands of feet in altitude, and maintain sustained flight for about 10 min. Browning has created a company, Gravity, and is working on an updated version called Daedalus. Looks like Stan Lee's ideas on super and augmented humans might have been more prophetic than sci fi after all.

Blockchain's Greatness Being Realized

Blockchain, the technology that allows the crypto currency Bitcoin to exist, could have many more posible applications, one being in the energy industry. The blockchain technology can manage the producer of energy, the user of the energy, the middlemen, the amount being used, the billing, and so much more. As a result, the energy industry is interested in its usage to not only apply the mentioned reasons, but to upgrade for the future to integrate alternative energy production such as solar, wind, and others. At some point in the future, it would allow energy companies to trade business amongst themselves at a specific time of day and allow for the usage of personal consumers to trade the energy they produce from solar with companies and/or individuals. Two other areas where blockchain might be applicable are in switching power suppliers easily and without the hassle as well as being the tech that can find problems in the networks and repair them. Blockchain is new, unproven, and uncertain, but the potential for egalitarian economic parity is the upside.

How China is Battling Against Drones

During a soccer match in China, a trespassing drone entered the stadium, the authorities’ response was to blast it with a drone-jamming gun. In the case of the city of Wuhan, where the drone trespassed, the jammers are called “guns”, because they shoot radio waves, and also because they look like an assault rifle. Each jammer costs approximately $19,000, and can jam control signals up to a kilometer away. Many other countries have built similar jammers to defend themselves from drone attacks. For example, the Battelle Drone Defender—an American jamming rifle—is used by allied forces in Iraq to shut down the ISIS terrorists’ quadcopters; which are used for surveillance and grenade attacks. Drone technology is and will be a threat. As a result, the only way to stop threats is to create weapons such as this jamming rifle.

Trump out of NAFTA

The Trump administration could possibly pull out of the North American Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA for short. Basically, NAFTA eliminates tariffs and allows for the free flow of goods and services between Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. Since both nations border the U.S., it would only make sense for the agreement or some form of it to continue to exist, thus leading some to speculate whether Trump's initiative could only be to make the agreement more favorable to U.S. interests. Last week, the President said on NAFTA, “It's been very, very bad for our companies and for our workers, and we’re going to make some very big changes or we are going to get rid of NAFTA once and for all," President Trump expressed his views on last year's $63 billion deficit with Mexico and a need for change in the disparity. The primary goal of NAFTA is tariffs being lifted on the majority of goods produced by the nations and that the future gradual elimination of most remaining barriers to cross-border investment and to the movement of goods and services among the three countries. If one country can produce products cheaper than another, and that country exports more of such products than the other does, then it only makes sense that there is an unfair trade disparity between the nations, thus causing such a deficits. Sources:

First Americans Claim Sparks Controversy

According to popular historic views, the earliest date recorded for humans arriving in America is 25,000 years ago. However, unearthed bones and the conclusions they derived suggest that this estimation might be about 100,000 years . At a site in California, scientists discovered stone tools and broken remains of a mastodon, likely to be the doings of a human. Researchers used uranium-thorium dating and found the bones to date 130,000 years back. Some experts, however, don’t fully align themselves with the conclusions and believe that humans might not have been the reason behind the broken bones. This is a debatable subject since scientists would have to use some generalizations to come to a conclusion on the bone remains of the extinct relative of mammoths and elephants.

Trump to Kill the Border Tax Plan

President Donald Trump may have decided to discontinue the idea of the border adjustment tax on imports in order to focus on the White House’s new tax plan. Some fear that the border taxes would cause financial problems for retailers by increasing prices. In an interview, Trump said that the border tax could increase job opportunities in the U.S. by producing the same product, but the opposition to his plan disagreed with this statement. Though somewhat uncertain of the Republican proposed border tax itself at times, it might be a possibility later in the future. The effort of the Republicans to repeal the act failed, but the President could use this to help him create a more competitive economy. (Source: NY Times)

Merkel's Party Beaten back to Third Place

Resulting in German disapproval of Angela Merkel's policies of an “open Germany”, recent elections in a north-eastern German state results have proven poorly for the Chancellor's party. Germany's centre-left party Social Democratic Party's (SPD) took 30% of the vote, the Alternative fuer Deutschland (AfD) party took just under 21% of the vote behind and The German chancellor's Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party was backed by only 19% of voters. The state of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania is Chancellor Merkel's home state showing that even her own constituency is against her recent immigration policies. The recent arrival of hundreds of thousands of migrants without documents on top of the 1.1 million last year seem to be the most significant reason for the CDU's losses. For whatever the reasons may be, Merkel is currently at a five-year low for her approval ratings. Still, Merkel's statement on the loss tells her views on the loss, “We took nothing away from people here. We are still achieving our big goal of maintaining and improving the quality of life in Germany.” Source: BBC World News

Crippling Cost of Killing the U.S.

The National Academy of science, Engineering, and Medicine will be publishing a new report on Thursday, 9/22/16 which will devastatingly report the negative numbers on how much immigrants, mostly illegal, cost the U.S. taxpayer. The academy's report is comprised of eight different scenarios and all of them have the government at a loss in varying amounts. These costs are primarily from the benefits paid out by both the federal, state and localities. The worst case scenario has the costs at the shocking amount of $296 Billion and the low end at $43 Billion. Some of the better scenarios have the federal government making more due to the taxes paid by the immigrants, but in every scenario for state and localities, they lose. Were we to split the difference between the high and low figures, $156 Billion is still too high to be losing as a nation.

Eat It Raw

Raw food has what the body needs for the body to reach optimal health. As a result of health benefits, people eat a raw food diet which includes fruits, berries, vegetables, nuts, seeds and herbs unprocessed and in its original state. Raw food proponents believe that this diet retains the enzymes, vitamins, and nutrients of the food. Of the 38 diets evaluated in this study, raw food ranked 3rd. Though most of the people who adhere to the raw food diet are vegans, some choose to include certain raw animal products in their diet. By and by, most people agree that consuming a plant based diet is more healthy than the alternative. Source: U.S. News & World Report

The U.S. Dollar Reigns Supreme

Though foreign-exchange markets and spot trading are down relative to last year's, the U.S. Dollar has still maintained its dominance among the currencies. Most of the top currencies trading against the U.S. Dollar lost market share. China doubled its market share thus making it the 8th most traded currency. The bulk of most other currencies trading was against the U.S. Dollar. Likewise, U.S. Interest-rate derivatives trading has also dominated other nation's. To conclude, the U.S. Foreign-exchange, spot trading, and interest-rate derivatives have traded better than other currencies and markets. Source: U.S. Business Insider

Liberal Harry Potter Writer Against Far-Left Politician

J.K Rowling has vehemently spoken against UK’s Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn in an attempt to dissuade him from bringing his far-left views and policies to the forefront of British politics. Corbyn's socialist views include renationalizing the railroad system and energy companies, abolishing tuition for British universities, and imposing rent controls for housing. The last time the Labour party brought such challenging policies to the mainstream, the Conservatives were able to defeat the Labour Party. However, in recent years the Labour party has gained ground with the formation of the New Labour Party and election of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown to Prime Ministers due to their more centrist views and denunciation of the left's views. Rowling's fight is to keep the far-left views out of the limelight that would jeopardize welfare state and UK’s center-left party. Basically, Rowling is attempting to prevent a major loss of the liberal left by halting the far-left's rise. Source: Vox World

The UK and the US, Together Again

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom met with Donald Trump as his first international dignitary meeting as the President. Trump gave her a warm handshake and even held her hand at the White House. Both leaders posed for photo ops in front of a bust of Churchill removed from the oval office during the Obama presidency, but replaced by Trump. Although they may not hold the same political beliefs, Trump said, he wants to ensure “'lasting support to this most special relationship”. On the flipside, she did warn Trump to be wary of Vladimir Putin and called NATO 'the cornerstone of the West's defense'. When all was said and done, both leaders confidently agreed to try to work together and maybe even start something of a Reagan-Thatcher relationship.

Tesla Model S Remote Hack Attack

A Chinese company has found vulnerabilities in the Tesla Model S software that allow the company's hackers to take control of the car. The hackers were able to gain control of the door locks, braking system, control display, wind shield wipers, trunk, sun roof, and folding side mirrors to name a few. Although the hacker's attack was focused on the Model S, they say it would be possible for other Tesla models to be controlled in a similar way. The attack could only happen if the Tesla web browser was in use and the car was close to a WIFI hot spot. Tesla has reported that they are working on patches to fix the problem and that owners should install the latest software version to prevent such attacks. For all the high tech drivers out there, this should be enough data to err on the side of caution and at the very least update the car's software whenever new versions or patches are released. Source: Car and Bike (NDTV)

With a Sense of Irony, It Is Suggested Mexico Wants to Build its Own Wall

A U.S./ Mexico border town newspaper, El Manana, is suggesting that a border wall between Mexico and Central America be built to stop the flow of Central American refugees from entering into Mexico. Primarily these people are from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras fleeing from the rampant terror and killings they face from gangs. The newspaper reasons that when a Central American illegal immigrant is caught crossing into the U.S., then is deported back to Mexico, that individual often turns to crime to support themselves. In an unlikely hint of praise for Presidential candidate Trump, the newspaper suggests that Trump's idea to build a wall is good, for Mexico. Along with the call for a wall, El Manana suggests for checkpoints to verify proper immigration documents to be checked be installed. Looks like at least one news source in Mexico agrees with Trump's wall idea. Source: Daily Mail (U.K.)

Donald Trump Wins The U.S. Presidency

Stunning America and the world, Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton for the Presidency of the U.S.. Invigorating “middle America”, Trump was able to unite conservatives, the Christian right, the silent majority, and many others into a grass roots campaign who felt Trump would “Make America Great Again.” President-Elect Trump pledged to unite a nation deeply divided promising to be a "president for all Americans … Now it is time for America to bind the wounds of division," the President-Elect continued to a crowd of rejoicing supporters. Early in the morning Hillary Clinton called to congratulate him as well as President Barack Obama. Key to the President-Elect’s victory was his campaign promises, which brought hope to many Americans, to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, temporarily ban Muslims from countries with high terrorist risk from entering the country, and eliminate certain free trade deals. Without a doubt from all Americans, a new day has dawned on the United States of America.

McDonald's Math

A little bit of logical reasoning and a lot of math, a McDonald’s math puzzle plays with your mind, and maybe even your stomach. The equation is based on three sums provided of McDonald’s food items; the burger, fries, and a beverage. The brain twister originated on a Facebook page out of the Philippines. One of the reasons so many failed to get the correct answer was that they mistook the number of items in the final sum. While others failed to remember to do the order of operations ( PEMDAS )multiplication before addition. For those who got it correct, you’re a genius, for the rest of us, back to 3rd grade.

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