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Sion's Article Summary Page:

7/9/18 1)Recently, in China, people found an unusual looking creature. This creature looks odd because it has a bird looking head and a fish looking body. Furthermore, the creature has fins that looks like wings and a mouth that looks like a beak. To know about this creature more, an animal physiologist thinks the creature looks as it is because of a defective cell growth, or a harmful chemical might have deformed it. Another physiologist said it looks healthy, but might have hard time breathing and feeding. Many people are still studying this fish thoroughly to get accurate information about this creature.

7/10/18 2)Onions are a big cause of why people cry when they cook. Onions are plants that make foods from the sun and absorbing minerals from the soil. Once, the onions get cut their liquids release, making people cry. A chemical called, Volatile, has a burning sensation inside. To get your eyes, undamaged from onions, you have to cry to rinse off the burning things from your eyes. Not only that, people also have found out ways to not get irritated by eating bread, breathing from your mouth, and refrigerating onions. In the future, there might be better ways to get rid of irritation.

7/11/18 3) Domino's, the pizza store, is thinking many ways to get an increase in sales. They fabricated a robot, that allowed any customers to ask what they want. Also, they had their own app called, Tummy Translator, and which offered food recommendations. Not only that, Domino’s is trying to dispense gift cards, that are worth $5000, to people who got chosen in the lottery. They had a robot, app, and prize to get attention from a lot of people. These days, Domino’s is drawing their logos on the streets. Domino’s is a money hunger pizza store.

7/12/18 4)Many people including scientists are wondering about why Jeremy, the snail, has a shell that’s coiled to the left. One scientist thought that the snail’s genetics affected it;however, when Jeremy produced offspring their shells were coiled to the right. Furthermore, the snail’s organ is turned counterclockwise, which is unusual. Not only that, the snail will have a hard time mating with another snail because he needs to find a snail whose shell is coiled to the left. Jeremy’s shell is being persevered and identified by scientists.

7/13/18 5)A team at ETH Zurich is one step closer to finding a solution. The team fabricated a 3D heart that’s made out of silicon, and it beats similarly to a human’s heart. The heart can beat for half an hour, and the team is still working on the number of heart beats, so it could be similar to a human's heart. In addition, the heart has a left and right chamber. The chamber lets the blood travel through the ventricles. The team hopes they can improve the heart faster, so they can use it on humans.

7/14/18 6)Many people are out in the beach and they stay out in the sand for a long time. Staying out in the sun, for a long period, makes you have sunburns. Sunburns are caused by the sun damaging the DNA in the skin cells. People found some ways to get rid of sunburns such as using a moisturizer, a sunscreen, and being in a shade. The moisturizer hydrates your skin, which will help the sunburns to go away. The sunscreen helps you not get sunburns. It might be relaxing to stay out in the sun, but it can be dangerous.

7/15/18 7)Many people think that artificial sweeteners don't give harm to them, but they're wrong. Artificial sweeteners were tested to see if it gave harm to the people. The Canadian Medical Association Journal analyzed 37 artificial sweeteners. Studies showed that artificial sweeteners didn't help people lose weight, but gain weight and raise the risk of health issues. Some health issues are obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. All in all, zero calories doesn't mean zero harm, but harm.

7/16/18 8)Many people react differently to a quandary, such as freezing, fighting, and leaving. A psychologist said our brains immobilize us when we are encountering a quandary. However, if you have no memory your brain will shut down because it doesn't know what to do or how to act. Humans and animals react similarly to a quandary, they both freeze and try to act on the situation, but for humans this action is involuntary. Not only that, humans won't just freeze, but also fight if they have to and leave the unwanted situation. All in all, humans will make a great decision depending on the situation.

7/17/18 9)To be great leaders in life they have to be confident in themselves, connected to the group members, and committed to the purpose. Leaders have a big role in their group, which is showing them assurance. If the leader is confident, assured, and connected, it could be clear that this group would succeed. Furthermore, if you are the leader and you don't have confidence, it would show that you will betray your own needs to please your group members. Not only that, Brad, a worker, was assigned to be the leader, but he was in having confidence in himself, so he wanted to resign. However, knowing what his weakness was his friend helped him build up more confidence. To conclude, leaders will succeed if they be confident, connected, and committed to the purpose.

7/18/18 10)Hornets are flying creatures that threaten the bees’ hives. So, bees came up with an idea about how to not get threaten. A hundreds of bees come to surround one hornet, and they heat them up by constantly flapping their wings. Then, they’ll cook the hornet in the inside. Some bees get threaten too by the heat, but they are doing this to help the other bees survive. After the bees finish with their job, they put the feeble hornet inside a ball to stay. The bees heat one hornet at a time. All in all, bees know how to thrive when a hornet comes.