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Reduce the Risk of Cancer by Applying Sunscreen to Your Eyelids The majority of sunscreen bottles contain warnings that instruct people to avoid putting sunscreen on areas near their eyes. However, dermatologists have conducted research that demonstrates that following these instructions puts people at a higher risk of cancer. The regions covered in the warnings are the sites of a significant amount of skin cancers, with 10% of these cancers beginning in the eyelids. In spite of this research, most people still stray from applying sunscreen around their eyes. These people consider wearing sunglasses an alternative, but experts believe that the sunscreen product warnings are causing too much concern. They advise that sunbathers should cover themselves head to toe with at least an SPF 30 sun cream or sunscreen.

Real Railgun in US military

Railgun might become an actual military weapon. If a railgun is installed on US battleship this can change the warfare that US is fighting. Railgun is better because railguns are a clean break from that method, as they use a powerful electrical pulse to drag a projectile at high speed down a long track before shooting it at a target far away. If successful, railguns could give naval guns new speed and reach, making big ship-borne guns relevant in a way that they haven't been since aircraft carriers and the planes they launch eclipsed battleships in range and striking power. This is important because this can help US military fight wars more efficiently. Also this railgun will allow US Navy ship threatening other ships with sudden destruction and providing artillery support to Marines as they venture onto beaches.

Laser Weapon on helicopters

US military successfully installed a laser weapon on helicopter after successful test of a laser weapon mounted on a helicopter against an unmanned target. The test took place at White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico, with the laser mounted on an Apache AH-64 Helicopter. This laser will help increase the accuracy of the Army helicopters. Unlike one time bomb the laser are cheap in long-term since is expected to be very low, around $1 a shot. This is important because this can increase the power of US military and help soldiers fight the war with less risk. But it might take awhile until is actually use in war since that laser needs clear air to operate which make this laser weapon usless in desert area.

New AI naval replace soliders

Navy christened Sea Hunter or the AI naval ship has came back from its test patrol to find submarine.This test has been successful which mean that these AI might replace the navy soliders in future.One of the biggest promises of autonomy for navy ships is the ability to do the same mission as an existing vessel, but with a greatly reduced crew or, for a modest enough ship, without needing a crew entirely. This is part of the philosophy behind the Navy’s new Zumwalt destroyer, a highly automated ship designed to operate at full capacity with half as many sailors on board as other destroyers. But this ship can operate without any soliders which mean it save many space and need for making ship cpmfortable for sailor.So as these AI technology progress more people may lose there job.

Robots working together

People have been trying to achieve robots to communicate but it has been unsuccessful but now programmers have found the way to make robots coordinate each other.Any autonomous robot needs a "brain" in the form of its Central Processing Unit (CPU), which controls its actions. It also needs the robotic equivalent of a nervous system connecting the CPU to censors and actuators. When two of Dorigo and his team's bots come together, an automatic mechanism forces one to cede authority to the other. Which means robots are controlling each other base on situation which there place in. SO this means that robots can work coordinately which means they will apble to do bigger tasks.

China's new fighter jet could be threat to US

China has become world's second nation to have slealt fleet.Chinese aerospace in general: a reliance on foreign engines. That's looks to be changing, quickly. Once these new J-20s enter service, China will have comprehensively mastered the major parts of fighter technology, including radars, stealthy fuselage, missiles, computers, and engines. This may be enough power to allow the J-20 to engage in low supersonic supercruise at Mach 1-1.2 speeds. The Eurofighter Typhoon has a similar low supercruise capability, which means it can hit supersonic speeds without using fuel-thirsty afterburners.This means that China is about to catch up to US when it comes to Aerospace technology.China's mastery of the rhenium superalloy won't just help China build current fighterengines, but also quickly research more capable, higher tech models. So this china's innovation can be threat to US.

China achieving hyperloop

China's company may acheive hyperloop system before Ellon Mask does. The China Aerospace Science and Industrial Corporation (CASIC) has announced on August 30 its plans for an intercontinental hyperloop train with a top speed of over 2,300 miles per hour, or Mach For comparison, Elon Musk's initial proposal called for a 745 miles per hour hyperloop to connect Los Angeles to San Francisco. And the current fastest bullet trains, in Germany and China, have top speeds in the range of 180-215 miles per hour. WHich means that china may possibly have ability to hyperloop. This china's advances in power generation, magnetic technology, propulsion technology, and material sciences needed to build the T Flight would be enabled by, or enable, new Chinese advances in superconductors, energy efficiency, civil aviation, and military tech. So it means that China might be holding hands on technology that US haven't achieve.