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Matthew's Article Summary Page

Article #1

Why parents should not worry about Borax


parents shouldn't worry about the amounts of borax in the children's toy, slime. Borax is a chemical that is used in slime making as an "Activator" to fully complete the slime recipe. Borax and other boron compounds are considered non-toxic at low levels and the average adult eats at least a milligram or two each day since borax is commonly found in many food items we eat. Adding on, even if we eat or consume borax, it does not accumulate in the body unlike heavy metals such as lead, you urinate it out within the same day you consumed it. Also, the only way to get sick by borax is to consume at least 5000mg of borax per day, thus unless the child consumes 5000mg of borax per a day, they should not get sick. Therefore the chemical, Borax, is not a true danger to children with slime.


New foldable grabber arm can capture fragile sea life without harming them


Harvard created new foldable grabber arm that, unlike suction or claw-like grabbers, Can capture even fragile sea creatures such as jelly fish and their relatives without harming them. This foldable grabber arm was made by Zhi Ern Teoh at Harvard University in Massachusetts, Zhi and his team made the foldable grabber arm to capture fragile sea life without damaging or harming them. With this new technology researchers can study sea life underwater and allow them to get more interesting results. The Harvard team is even trying to add additional hardware, such as 3D scanners and DNA swabs, to examine creatures whilst inside the foldable grabber. This new grabber arm can help researchers and scientists alike study and examine sea creatures in their natural habitat and avoid harming them.


Robots and AI can create more jobs than they take


 Robots and AI were first believed to take the jobs of half the American work force and one third of the jobs in the UK, but further research points the other way. Frist of all, with automation, It will be expensive to cover and more job positions would be available due to lack of cost, but more spending. Adding on, present day research now states that only 10 percent of the American work force would be affected, and only 12 percent of the UK work force would be affected. Thus, with new evidence, We can safely say that robots and AI might give more jobs than they take.


Wireless Lights inside the body can kill cancer


 A new device that emits light can supposedly cure cancer. This device is used for Photodynamic therapy, in this therapy the patient takes a drug to make his or her cells vulnerable to light. Then the doctors shine a light on the tumor for 10 to 45 minutes, or they use a flexible tube called and endoscope if the tumor is located inside the body. Adding on, sometimes the tumor is located on an organ that moves, thus making the Photodynamic therapy much more complicated. But Toshinori Fujie at Waseda University, Japan, developed a device that can be put between two sheets of sticky paper. When this device was experimented on mice the results were that this device worked and functioned properly. Thus making photodynamic therapy a way to finally cure cancer.