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Purnima's Article Summary page Article 1
Topic sentence:NASA's most beneficial planet-hunting telescope is going to be taking a long nap!
It is said that in less than 10 years since it launched the Kepler space telescope verified the existence of 2,500 worlds beyond our own!
The spacecraft's two "gyroscopic wheels" failed!The team with the telescope was having trouble keeping it steady,but after a while the researchers had a idea.It was to use the sun's energy to keep the telescope steady.
As Kepler is on its last last days,NASA is beginning another telescope story,TESS(Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite)
All in all,NASA with Kepler discovered a lot of new worlds and now it has to stop since ti has a portion of fuel left.

Article 2
We need to focus better on our enviroment than ourselves!
The damage of coral reefs can have a big impact on the ocean's health as well as the human race that depends on them.
This paper was trying to state that researchers need to pay more attention to what keeps corals healthy not just what makes them sick.The solutions will help us prepare better for the future.
Palma,an independent researcher says"You can't have a healthy coral unless it is in balance with these microbes that have to live in it."We can tell that the relationship between the organisms and coral reefs benefit from each other.
All in all,the coral reefs are more important than we think it is.

Article 3
Eating dinner can cause the risk of breath ans prostate cancer!
A large group of researchers in Spain asked questions to 621 individuals with prostate cancer,and 1,205 individuals with breath cancer.They were collecting data to to preferred times of eat and sleep.
After gathering up all the factors for a family of cancer the team found out "individuals who eat dinner before 9 p.m or wait at least two hours before bedtime have a 26 percent lower rick of prostate cancer and a 16 percent lower risk of breast cancer.
However,if you eat after 10 p.m or go to bed soon after finishing last meal of the day that might really affect you.

Powerful blood helps some Dolphins dive in 1,000 meters!!
In the islands of Bermuda,a bottlenose dolphin dove deeper and deeper after thirty minutes later it came up again diving 1,000 meters ,a distance greater than the tallest building in the world.
A scientist named Andreas Fahlman wanted to know what was causing this so she studied their lung structure but is the same as other dolphins.She found out about red blood cells.
She explained saying"Red blood cells contain a protein called hemoglobin,which helps carry oxygen throughout the body-the more red cells you have ,the more oxygen you can carry."There is one problem if you surface too quickly the drop in pressure can cause nitrogen bubbles to make in the blood resulting in many sicknesses.The dolphins are smart though,they use their lung to survive.
All in all, the super blood is very powerful to the bottlenose dolphins.