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Graphene is a hexagon shaped carbon which has many uses today. Graphene can be used as a conductor as it is the world's most conductive material. Also, graphene is thin as a molecule yet, 100 layers of it can reflect a bullet.Not only that, graphene is 200 times better than kevlar and is 20 times better than steel armor as it is a material with the strongest tensile strength. In conclusion, graphene has many uses today and may help benefit the future.

Dark matter is a dangerous type of matter that 80% of the universe is made of and can end the universe. There are 3 types of dark matter. If dark matter has a value of -1, the universe will collapse on itself and squish all the galaxies into a smaller area, then a supermassive black hole will suck up all the planets and explode from the massive amount of mass.If the dark matter had a value more than 1, the universe will stop expanding(dark matter multiplies) and will densify all other matter, eventually, the universe will explode. If dark matter's value is 0, the universe will keep expanding and we will live peacefully. Thus, the world will most likely end due to dark matter.

Meditation is recommended to help people throughout the day. Meditation, that you meditate in a quiet location, you can remain calm to a certain amount. Meditation can also help in physical exertion, such as martial arts, exercising, etc. Meditation can also lead to the opening of the third eye. This is a very complicated process. This can help in visual prowess and more. Thus, meditation can aid a person throughout a day and throughout certain actions.

Martial arts is a subject or opportunity that all kids and adults should be exposed to. Martial arts is a series of physical techniques to defend oneself. Also, martial arts can substitute as exercise while learning new things at the same time. Not only that, it can also be a hobby for many people, as it is shown throughout the ages. Additionally, it can and influence kid's discipline and their manners. In conclusion, martial arts should be exposed to everyone as it can serve as exercise, a hobby, self-defense, or as a discipline.

The police officer is a job that requires strict and orderly personal. Being a police officer is to keep order and to resolve crimes. Also, it is their job to teach civilians to get along and not to harm anyone. Not only that, a responsibility they also carry is that they must be aware at all times.This is because danger, crime, or trouble can be lurking and hiding just around the corner.Lastly, a burden police officers carry is that they must be healthy in physical prowess as this will come in handy while resolving the problem. In conclusion, being a police officer is a job that requires certain requirements and is a very important job in the community

The multiverse is a universe with many universes inside of it and may or not be a theory that may or not be true. After the big bang, the light residue was left everywhere and has a temperature of -270 degrees Celsius or -470 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, in the light residue, scientists discovered an odd spot; this odd spot has a temperature that is slightly warmer than the average light residue. Not only that, many scientists and philosophers tried to settle on theories, but the most likely theory was that another universe may have collided with our universe. Thus, the theory of the multiverse may be true as scientific research has to lead to many conditions, resulting in the most likely theory...the multiverse.

The third eye is a fearsome and fearless achievement with its own risks. The third eye is an invisible and spiritual eye between the eyebrows awakened from meditation. Also, the third eye has wondrous abilities, such as: seeing clearly when blindfolded, psychic abilities, and more. Although, opening the third eye has its own risks as well. For example, when you open the third eye, you can see into other dimensions and see monsters/illusions. This may cause mental and spiritual trauma. In conclusion, the third eye is a legendary ability to unlock but has many negative aspects and traits about it.

The multiverse is the philosophical theory that our universe resides in an endless group of other universes, which may be possible as there are many theories. One theory explains that there are infinite universes next to each other like in a "giant patchwork quilt of the universes. Another theory called the "bubble universes" explains that our universe is in an inflating bubble with many other inflating bubbles. Also, another theory is that the universes are parallel, which explains that other universes are in different "slabs" that may bang into each other and cause another big bang. Thus, the multiverse is a theoretical idea which may be possible and will never be answered.

For many years, scientists and astronomers speculated a planet beyond Neptune, and the discovery of Pluto was discarded and not considered a planet. There have been speculations that a planet, comet, or asteroid will crash into to Earth, killing off humanity, but no possibilities as such have appeared, until now. This planet is called planet x, which is a Neptune-sized planet that lingers outside of the orbit of Pluto. Every few hundred years, the planet comes close to Earth, the last being 100000 miles from the Earth. The year before that was 120000 miles from Earth. Many people believe that planet x will crash into Earth and kill off humanity. This mystery can only be concluded n the future.

In martial arts, there is a secret technique to kick harder and takes less damage. This technique is called bone remodeling. What happens on impact of a bone and a hard object with 110 lbs of pound of force is the edges of the bone get slightly fractured. It is called micro fractures and cells called osteoblasts send calcium to repair the damage. When the bone gets shattered, the bone heals and makes it harder, denser, and more durable. Thus, bone remodeling is a secret techniques that not many people know about.

There are many theories about the universe from the multiverse to parallel dimensions. For example, the multiverse, one if the most popular theories, is the belief that there are multiple universes. Not only that, a parallel dimension theory is that multiple dimensions are stacked on top of each other, but they vibrate at different frequencies. Finally, another theory is that the Big Bang wasn’t the first Big Bang. Thus, the universe has many theories but none of them have yet to be proven.


The only planet that appears to have liquid water in the solar system was Earth, but we were so wrong. When NASA sent a drone for exploration to Mars, they discovered that there was once water in Mars. In the samples they collected, they found ice within the rocks with living organisms and germs. They suspect that the water on Mars can be connected to the mysterious craters found on Mars.


Birds are stereotypically expected to fly, yet an ostrich defies those expectations. The ostrich is a peculiar bird that doesn’t have the ability to fly. Also, due to its weight and short wings, it is not able to fly. However, while the ostrich can’t fly, it can run and clock up to 60 mph. Thus, the ostrich is a bird, where it is not able to fly, yet it still can move faster than some birds by running. James's Page